RecyCOOL Edugames

RecyCOOL EduGames aims to develop a set of edu games used in non-formal education activities of participating organisations within RecyCOOL Academy, with a focus on the fashion industry and its impact on our world. The intention is to raise awareness among 2 target groups – educators and young people –and disseminate outcomes via RecyCOOL workshops and other activities. The set of games will empower educators when educating in these topics, they can adapt games to the target group they work with. It will contribute to developing the competences of young people – knowledge, skills or attitudes. 

The games development will be in two parts:
part 1 – development of Memory Game of Opposites, Statement Game and Role play (2022)
part 2 – development of Board Game (expected in 2023)

Outcomes of the project will be the set of educational games focused on the fashion industry and its impacts. They will be mapping the whole value chain, various lifestyle habits and examining the current fashion system. Locally produced on MDF wood plank, they are set for long lasting, online version will be easy to print and work with.

Extra result of the projects will be open source database of V4 educational institutions for public.

Memory Games of Opposites

Memory Game of Opposites is made up of cards with opposite situations – always with a cover word for this situation (in English and V4 languages).

Statement Game

Cards with statements about topics related to fashion industry and consumerism – the young players involved will use these cards and discuss their emotions and attitudes, whether they are confident or not with the statements, or if they agree/disagree and why.

Role Play

Cards with the stories of people somehow connected to the fashion industry (within fashion value chain) for players to try to “experience” other people’s life situations. Game is based on reflection and self-reflection of players.

Project details

  • Project duration: 1 February 2022 – 31 January 2023 (12 months)
  • Project language: English (plus V4 languages)
  • Project coordinator: Fashion Revolution Slovakia
  • Project partners:

Fashion Revolution Czech Republic

Fashion Revolution Hungary

Fashion Revolution Poland

Lebo Medved Slovakia

Nitka Slovakia

February 2022 – first transnational meeting in Slovakia

March – December 2022  – games development

October – January 2023 – distribution games in V4 

November – January 2023 – workshops about games in V4  (Kosice, Zilina, Miskolc, Budapest, Warsaw, Lodz, Brno, Prague)

Project funded by Internation Visegrad Fund

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